Build Your Business

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Build Your Business

About Course

Starting or building a business is not easy, especially when you’re doing it alone.

This course is for contractors from all trades that want to start or grow their business the right way.

Course content

video Course Intro 3 m 9 s
video Course Checklist
video Foundation Introduction 1 m 9 s
video Foundation Lesson 1 54 s
video Foundation Lesson 2 5 m 18 s
video Foundation Bonus 1 m 55 s
video One-Page Business Plan Worksheet
video 25 Questions Worksheet
video Framing Introduction 50 s
video Framing Lesson 1 1 m 18 s
video Framing Lesson 2 2 m 57 s
video Branding Worksheet
video Build Your Brand Worksheet
video Systems Introduction 1 m 46 s
video Systems Lesson 1 3 m 12 s
video Systems Lesson 2 42 s
video Systems Lesson 3 5 m 19 s
video Systems Lesson 4 1 m 2 s
video Systems Bonus 1 m 23 s
video Systems Worksheet
video Fit & Finish Intro 34 s
video Fit & Finish Lesson 1 3 m 23 s
video Fit & Finish Lesson 2 2 m 18 s
video Marketing Worksheet
video Maintenance Introduction 1 m 12 s
video Maintenance Lesson 1 1 m 34 s
video Maintenance Lesson 2 2 m 34 s
video Maintenance Worksheet

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DC Cayce

DC Cayce

Consultant | Investor | Author

Course Instructor

With over 20 years of experience in construction, remodeling, and real estate investing, DC has trained contractors and workers, personally managed dozens of people and hundreds of projects, and has helped build many construction companies, even serving as the Director of Operations for a million-dollar company.

His personal business experience combined with the training he received from top companies in the nation has led him to create the Build Your Business Course. You are able to benefit from decades of his and others' experience on how to build a business the right way in a straightforward manner, with no fluff.